5 years ago
Retard Shioran Toushin

"the 90% of the time i hear or read anything that involves "anyone who abuses an animal deserves to be [insert punishment here]..." type of arguments i have the urge to both facepalm and ROTFL because 90% of the time these same people will abuse or tolerate the abuse of fellow human beings or just be indiferent to it.

it's not that i don't agree with them, but seriously thse peoples seem to put the wellbeing of every animal above the wellbeing of fellow humans and IMHO first we have to solve Human Abuse to move onto animal Abuse... mainly because at least we have to have some Empathy for our fellow beings that we can understand (vaguely) and then focus on those beings we really have no idea of what they are thinking."

So look at upper post. That dipshit assumes that people who don't like animal abuse like human abuse! Meaning the fucker is yukkuri lovign scumbag who says that those who don't like yukkuri abuse and call them aninals like human abuse! FUCK YOU, Shioran Toushin!

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