8 years ago
Due to the large amount of tags, and the meanings they seem to have, here's a list of what some of the less obvious (and more obvious thrown in willy-nilly) stand for. It's mostly for my own reference at the moment and a total mess.

accessory_abuse: The accessory is a yukkuris most prized possession. As the name suggests, this is using it in some way to abuse a yukkuri, or when the accessory itself is attacked.

aquatic_yukkuri: A yukkuri that lives on water.

beating: Violence against a yukkuri, but to a limit. No filling leaking out or piercing of the skin, etc, but vomiting, a roughed up eye, loss of teeth and marks left all count.

blobshape: Yukkuris with a blobby, eggplant/fat worm like shape.

burnt: Parts of the yukkuri have been burnt. Often the "feet", but can include others such as the braids, hair and eyes.

eye_abuse: When a yukkuri has lost an eye, or is in the process of losing one. Abuse methods making use of a yukkuris eyes.

fighting_back: Yukkuris attempting to retaliate or resist their inevitable fate.

good_yukkuri: Opposite of shithead. Hard working, kind, a good parent... still a good target for abuse (and more of one for some).

happy: Obviously, when a yukkuri is happy. Although they may appear so, it's often clearly established in a story. Please avoid tagging "shithead" yukkuri as happy, however.

koyukkuri: Child yukkuri. However, for ease of tagging and finding material, use it for babies and developing ones on stalks as well. Most often slurs speech.

mister_braids: Use when yukkuris (such as reimus or Marisas) make prominent use of their braids (or anons deciding to make use of them); holding things, flapping them about insanely, being held or suspended by them, etc.

parts_torture: While good ol' general violence and smashing is fine, this is for when specific parts of a yukkuri is used to make it suffer, for example, Chen tails, Alice peni-peni, etc.

Pregnant: Yukkuris may be hermaphrodites, but this refers to the yukkuri which is carrying a child (either stalk, or mammalian). The one carrying is known as the mother, the other yukkuri the father.

puffing: A yukkuri inflating its body, and making itself look larger. Most often by taking in lots of air. Used as a threat or defence mechanism (it doesn't work).

Rubbing: Yukkuris rubbing together. This can either be done as a sign of affection, play, or mating (mostly in earlier works).

severed: A yukkuri is cut in two, or more.

soft_abuse: Abuse to a yukkuri that doesn't involve physical violence.

suffering: A (relatively) long-suffering yukkuri. Intended for things that aren't just straight SMASHKTHX.

tools: when a tool is used, or heavily suggested has been used, in torture technique. This may range from a simple pair of tweezers, to a knife, to a saw. This requires a bit of subjective judgement though, so don't get too caught on it.

translated: An image that has been _hard translated_. Many of the translated images are lacking the originals; if somebody could upload the originals, and link them via parenting, that would be great.

translation_available: A translation is available in notes, or comments.

yukkuri_stack: A group of yukkuris, stacked one on top of each other. Often a parent, child, baby, doing so for moving, play, or protection.
3 months ago
The tag "shit" is ambiguous and should be changed to "poor_quality" or "feces":

The tag "good_yukkuri" is kind of subjective. The objective parts of it should moreso be tags.

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