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Yukkuri Abuse Master Ricardo
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Some things to clear up. I LOVE yukkuri abuse. And I HATE the family friendly bullshit. Yukkuris are meant to be abused, to see their happiness destroyed when superior human takes everything they love.

The main place for English yukkuri stuff is OYP – One Yukkuri Place. And it is in short, absolute pussy-kennel. These assfucks there consider themselves abusers, yet allow family friendly shit there (THEY HAVE A FUCKING TAG FOR IT!) and even go to great lengths to excuse abuse.

Oh look, it's a shithead, it came to human's house! Excuses are pathetic! Then entire abuse fandom showed itself being bunch of spineless cowards when they stopped destroying happiness of good yukkuri and started doing thos scumbag yukkuri to excuse abusing them. That's pure and utter cowardice. And OYP and it's user (especially Poweryoga and JusticeItEasy like pieces of shit) ruin abuse.

Abyuse Booru was good place, but is now abandoned.

I also reject this shitty bean paste bullshit. No way could creatures this pathetic exist to be abused. Besides, I have heard many so called abusers (fucking cowards) whine how even paste looking like blood makes them uneasy.
„Yukkuris are walking food – abuse good. Yukkuris are flesh and blood – oh no, I pissed my pants!“
PATHETIC! In my world, yukkuri are flesh and blood, same as humans. And this is what makes abuse awesome!

There are NO so called shithead yukkuris. All yukkuri are naive and innocent, that is only way abuse could work. Not this pathetic excusing to kill them just because they said something. It shows that OYP fuckers are weaklings.

Now to the story!

No one knew eactly when it began, but suddenly world was filled with hopping heads called Yukkuri. At first, some people considered them cute. Then boom happened. Now many families had yukkuri as pets. They were bred, new types created and world was soon covered with yukkuri.

Little blobs took the hearts of many, corrupting youth to pet them, to called them „cute“ and fondle them. But as often, new pets got tiring and so stray yukkuri appeared. Many people were sympathetic towards them.

Yukkuri foster homes and shelters were founded. Often with tax payers money.

Yukkuris caused other side to appear – the Abusers, glorious defenders of humanity from annoying happy blobs.

Now we move to secret headquarters of Abuse Army.

Five old men in black suits sat around a table and smoked. They were the secret string pullers behind politics. They also had had enough of this yukkuri shit and how so many yukkuri rights activists were making life hard for abusers.

Old man 1 called in a tall well built man called „Ricardo“. It was his code name as Ricardo was black-ops agent, used for assassinations. Now he had new task. To wipe out entire race and take down all yukkuri lovers to restore balance from moe blob faggotery and finally save poor abusers from fucking yukkuri loving liberals.

Scene in back alley

Two men had found stray yukkuri family. One Yukkuri Reimu, one Yukkuri Marisa (who with its disgusting penipeni had fathered 10 koyukkuri).
One man had taken Marisa and had cutted its penipeni off, then forced it to eat its own dick.

While Reimu cried and whined, otherm an unzipped his pants and picked Reimu up. Emasculated Marisa was forced to watch how glorious Abuse Anon then penetrated yukkuri Reimu and made her scream, blood pouring out from it's cunt – mamumamu as these little pests call their pussy hole.

Koyukkuri, the kids, were crying. After Reimu had been raped to death, Anon dropped her and kicked her. Blood gushed out, muscles were destroyed. Then Anon took bit of gasoline and burned Reimu, the smell of burning flesh giving other Anon boner. He dropped crying Marisa who crawled to its dead wife. First Anon then killed all koyukkuri with his mighty dick and two men walked away laughing at the despair of Marisa. No dick, no wife, no kids – and she could do nothing, because she was just a yukkuri. But as life was not fair, police had come and arrested two Abusers because fucking liberal yukkuri lovers had heard the crying of pathetic yukkuri.

Two glorious abusers were soon released though. Abuse Army used its connection and Ricardo himself visited the fuckers who had called cops. Two yukkuri lovers were found dead, supposedly suicide. But rumours were spreading – side with yukkuri and pay traitors toll!

Ricardo's next mission was to yukkuri daycare were children were shown koyukkuri. He had been given carte blanche to do what was needed to save young souls from moe blob faggotery. He and his brothers in arms walked in, killing all yukkuri with well aimed head shots. Daycare liberals tried to stop them, but they were all executed by the authority of Abuse Army.

Children cried, but Ricardo showed them the truth – death waits yukkuri lovers. He shot only one child who cried too much over his „baby Reimu“. This sent even stronger message – it was time to not care about these fucking blobs!

Only week later, streets were littered with yukkuri corpses. Almost all yukkuri lovers (who were not executed) had kicked their pets out to stay alive. They had seen light.

Meanwhile Ricardo was in home with his wife and kids, celebrating Thanksgiving. In his garden were several metal rods. Entire family of Reimu yukkuris were impaled there. They were slowly dying, their blood dripping down the iron stabbed through their mamumamus.
Ricardo enjoyed seeing fear in his enemy's eyes. He taught his son, good future generator abuser, how to shoot these dying yukkuri with 9mm.

While Ricardo was teaching his son to be good Abuser, one yukkuri family was escaping from city. One Dosuyukkuri Marisa and her children and grandchildren. They were smart and left themselves for their owners to not be killed. Dosu Marisa took it on herself to take her family and leave her kind human family to protect them.
They had reached woods and thought they were now free. But they were tracked by Abuse Army's satellite that checked all yukkuri activity, especially Dosus.
They were surrounded by special operation agents. Dosu tried to attack the agents to buy time for her family to escape, but she was captured and forced to watch how her baby Reimu and her husband Marisa were boiled alive. Then all of her 16 grandchildren were buttraped by special rape-anons who made dosus happy memories into pain and misery. When they had witnessed, Dosu's eyes were raped out and she was then burned with gasoline. Her thick fat body prolonged her life. Bleeding from her burned skin, she lied down crying blood mixed with sperm, from her eyesholes.

The leader of special ops stood next to dosu and pissed on her wounds. Men laughed at her pitiful moaning. The smell of burning flesh made some men angry. They went to have some hamburgers. Dosu was left to die. It took 3 agonizing days.

Meanwhile in Abuse Army's centre, couple liberal politicians were interrogated. Two fuckers who still supported yukkuri rights, were tied to chairs and their pet yukkuri were being raped by two special ops agents.

The more the liberal politicians cried and begged for their yukkuri to be spared, the harder the cocks og Abuse Warriors got.
Finally one Marisa and one Patchouli were dropped to the floor, with meaty thud, One old politician got heart attack, seeing his beloved Patchouli brain dead from rape, sperm mixed with blood flooding out from its cunt.

Marisa was looking at her owner and smiled through tears: „Take it easy, Mister Owner... Don't... cry... for... Marisa...“ She was then shot several times by her rapist before her owner was executed by head shot.

By the end of the month, 90 % of world yukkuri had been executed.
Some were used in labs to test flesh devouring bacteria for military usage. One Reimu cried when her koyukkuri were dying in front of her.
„Take Reimu, please mister, take Reimu, leave Reimu's little ones alone!“
But she was ignored. She was then given to convicted serial rapist who got pardon for his work with captured yukkuri. After raping 100 yukkuri, he was now free man.

By the end of the year, only Netherlands had still home yukkuri. NATO, now controlled by Abuse Army, attacked the most liberal country with their free drugs and shit.
Yukkuri lovers were dragged out and put to camps. The had to watch how their beloved yukkuri were maimed, cut, flagged, raped, boiled alive and so on. Many yukkuri lovers begged to take their pets' places. Many yukkuri cried for their owners to not do it. They truly loved each other. And this was the best kind of abuse.

Ricardo personally fucked one fat Patchouli in front of crying 10 years old yukkuri lover. After Patchouli whispered to child: „Patchouli goes to better place... don't cry... little one...“ Yukkuri lover finally broke down and went insane.

Ricardo was still kind man who liked kids even if they were foolish. He gave her mercy kill to the head. The killed her parents as well for mercy.

In the middle of the camp was big pot where many yukkuri were slowly boiling. Doctor tried to make them curse their owners for this promising freedom, but it failed. Stupid yukkuri were too loyal to their humans.

Finally only one Marisa was left from all yukkuri. The honor was given to the leader of the Abuse Army, the oldest of the five old men.
He walked to Marisa who looked at him with cold eyes: „Mister Evil can't do anything to hurt Marisa. Marisa's Reimu is dead, Marisa's littles ones are dead. Marisa is ready to join them.“

Old man nodded, then had Marisa's owner, young girl, brought in front of her.
„Say you hate her and I will not kill her.“
Marisa's eyes widened in horror. Renounce her love for her beloved owner or have her killed...
„Marisa understands... Marisa hates Miss Owner...,“ yukkuri choked out.
Old man smiled at the girl: „See, this is what you get for siding with this scum!“

Girl spit in his face. Old man lost his temper and beat the girl to death. Marisa scream and stared with hollow eyes at her beloved human's corpse.

Old man raised his bloody fist and sighed: „This is not good, I remembered the time I killed so many people in Vietnam. Time to finish this, blob scum.“

Old man had Marisa's mamumamu burned with hot iron. Then her anyaru as well. He then beated Marisa until her face was swollen. He ripped her teeth out. He then skinned her bit by but until Marisa was still alive, but only muscle was left, all skin was gone.

Old man then took chainsaw and sliced Marisa in half while laughing, knowing humanity had won.
Marisa's brains came out and one piece flew to closest yukkuri loving prisoner's face.
She started crying.

„IT'S OVER!“ Old man, the supreme commander, yelled!

Surviving yukkuri lovers were then executed for their crimes against humanity and abusers.

World was now good again.
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