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Summary courtesy of Platina of OYP:

I just happened to read Anko1317, and it's totally unrelated to the "Baby Marisa and Shelled Marisa" comic. It's called "Develop Yukkuris That'll Sell! (Part I)".

I'm not going to translate it, because it's really long (and boring in parts), but here's a synopsis:

With the pet-yukkuri fad fading, the factory is trying to increase profits by developing a method to mass-produce the rare, expensive, and still highly-sought-after Marisnails (Marisatsumuri).

Marisnails are sought after as pets because (according to this writer's rules) they remain small all their lives. Their shell, being made of calcium instead of manju, doesn't grow (how a calcium shell ends up developing inside the mother is unexplained), and they keep the shell they were born with instead of trading up like a hermit crab, so they (somehow) stop themselves from growing. They don't require much food, and with the weight of the shell, they can't move around very much, so they make good, quiet pets.

Marisnails are too small and weak for childbirth, so directly breeding them is impossible. All the factory can do is mass-breed regular Marisas and wait for a rare Marisnail to be born. Even with 60 Marisas being force-bred nonstop, they're lucky if they get three or four Marisnails in a year. (Here, there's an abuse scene of Marisas being force-bred and the reject babies being taken away screaming to be ground up for food.)

Since previous research in _breeding_ Marisnails has failed, the research team tries _making_ them. They replace the hats of baby Marisas with shells while they're unconscious, but the Marisas only reject the shells and continue to cry out for their lost hats, even when a female Anon posing as the voice of their mother tries to tell them the shell is their accessory.

Next, they try conditioning them to accept the shells.

The hatless baby Marisas (and their rejected shells) are placed in a tank next to hatted baby Marisas. As the hatless Marisas watch, the hatted Marisas are tormented with a hot plate under the floor, a spiked ceiling that comes down to stab them, dry food without water, and floods of salt water.

Then, a light illuminates a tank on the other side of the hatless Marisas, and they see a real Marisnail on a cushion being fed and pampered. Then they see the hatted Marisas being abused again. Then they see the Snail-Marisa being pampered again. And so on, and so on. The voice of their "mother" helps persuade them and reinforce the idea that hats mean not being able to take it easy and that Marisnails are very easy. The hatless Marisas begin to put on the shells. As reinforcement, reluctant ones are threatened by a human arm with a Reimu-ribbon on it, as the worker talks about how Marisas are can't-take-it-easy trash who should be crushed and--oops, I'm sorry, you're not a Marisa, are you, you're a nice easy Marisnail, AREN'T YOU.

The first obstacle to mass snail production has been overcome.

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Snippet translation again courtesy of Platina:

The worker turned the box over and dumped the baby Marisas into the mixer.

"Ztooooob!!! Don't do mean things to babieeeees!!!"
"Don'd wand do ead any more!!! Don't wand do!!!"
"Nooooooo!!! Forgibe the babiezzzz!!!"
"Why are you doing thaaaad!?!? They're babies who gan dake id easy!!!"

...the mother Marisas screamed.

"Yu! Fawwing!!"
"Yuwa!! What'sh happening!?"
"Yugyu... It hurtsh, je..."
"It'sh too cwowded..."

...said the baby Marisas in the mixer. The worker put the cover on and flipped the switch.

"It hurts!!! Yugyaaaaaa!!!"
"Bawisha's mishder feeeed!!!! Yugyogyogyoooo!!!"

The mixer blades chopped up the baby Marisas.

"Yugya!!! Yugyaaaa! Mishder feed are--"
"Yugyu!!! Yubieee!!! Id hurrrrdz!!!"
"Heeeeewp!!! Mwommyyyyyy!!! Mwommyyyyy!!!!!"
"Yugiiii!!!! Shdoooobbb!!!! Don'd wanna diiiiie!!! Don'd wanna diiiiie!!!"

The baby Marisas at the bottom of the mixer began to vanish, making a sea of bean paste.

"Zdooob!!! Babiezzz!!!! Babiezzzz!!!"
"Don'd wand do listen!!!! Zdooooob!!! Zdoooobbb!!!"
"Forgibe them!!!! Yugyaaaaa!!!!"

Listening to the baby Marisas' screams, the mother Marisas cried. This was the umpteenth time they'd been made to listen to the babies' deaths. What's more, they were made to eat that bean paste.

---End TL--

Next, the Marisas scream as they're fed their babies' bean paste. Then, the factory employees discuss the birth rate. Then, the Marisas scream about not wanting to give birth any more. There's also a digression as the factory returns one of the mother Marisas to the woods and she is rejected by yukkuri society. All this, and the development team hasn't even started experimenting yet!

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LOl at these little shits wriggling in pain. it makes me feel awesome seeing them helpless and suffering